Holi : An orgy of colours

Celebrated each year during the full moon in the month of Phalguna, around February-March, Holi, of which the Vedic origins go back to the dawn of time, is the Hindu festival of fertility, colours and Spring. Very popular in India, it is celebrated with an exceptional fervour in the north of the country, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the birthplace of the god Krishna. Just like our carnivals, it is that special occasion for a reversal, an overthrowing of perspectives. Women, for example, can get their revenge for the harassment they often suffer daily by attacking men with bamboo canes, wet rags and buckets of coloured water! All the castes mix and the inferior ones have the right to insult those before whom they must bow throughout the rest of the year. An indescribable orgy of colors, Holi is also an exorcism: everywhere, bonfires are lit to push back the forces of darkness and celebrate the victory of good over evil, embodied by the demon Holika. Quarrels are sorted out, forgotten, and one starts Spring free from blemishes and stains..